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Hand is a more 'logical' astrologer and goes through some logical fallacies associated with particular astrological concepts like dignities. But there is definitely a great deal of philosophical focus, just without what some might call 'mystical fluff.

Robert Hand: An Astrologer for all Seasons

Regardless, he is like an encyclopedia of astrology, is a very good writer and makes good analogies to convey different astrological ideas. This book goes through a LOT: Sidereal and Western systems, the way the Zodiac works, signs, planets, houses, aspects, the 4 angles axis, nodes, rulerships, midpoints, some info on asteroids etc. The only 'cookbook' element of this book is describing the relationship of planets to each other, but its a summary for all aspects not giving individual ones. I suppose he really is just giving a conjunction aspect because the descriptions are really just fusing any two planets together.

If you aren't familiar with any of Hand's books and are more of a novice, I'd recommend getting this one first.

Horoscope Symbols By Robert Hand

It's a decent introduction book, but will definitely be overwhelming at times to a beginner fresh out of the gate. I sort of put myself into the 'moderate' category, and even I still struggled to grasp particular elements of this book. I'm sure professional astrologers would find some insight as well, but this book has been extremely helpful for someone such as myself. What a beautiful book. As someone who has been very skeptical but also quite curious about Astrology, I realized I needed good reading material for a complex and confusing subject.

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In a sea of books with poor writing, grand assumptions, and a lack of self-evaluation I found Robert Hand's writing exquisite in its ability to connect with the reader and yet hauntingly beautiful in the sense that there are a lot of wise things said in this book. Though this is geared toward astrology and reading the birth chart, etc. I enjoy the non fatalistic approach.

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Too often I have found even the most 'modern' or contemporary astrologers to rely too much on the idea of fate or literalism in the horoscope, so much so that it becomes a detriment to the reader and the read. I enjoy the fact that Robert Hand sees the horoscope as a symbol.

He suggests that one should not look to planets as being literal people or situations but, in a way, energy. He reminds of the fact that we are powerful as individuals, and that reality itself is quite subjective. He doesn't make grandiose claims of God or religion, and seems to be quite aware of society as a whole and the influence of culture vs.

I don't want to spoil this book too much. However, as someone who is usually thrown off by mysticism, fatalism, and throwing the life into the hands of invisible deities, I enjoyed the humanistic wisdom of this interesting man. It hasn't changed my personal opinion of astrology, but I do feel that maybe, if employed in a manner similar to Mr.

Hand, where the horoscope does not define or determine the person but the person defines the horoscope, we can maybe achieve greater unity in our lives.

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Horoscope Symbols [Robert Hand] on xyxavutyce.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An examination of the fundamental principles of astrology discusses. Horoscope Symbols - Kindle edition by Robert Hand. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

Established seller since Seller Inventory GZ Book Description Whitford Press,U. Language: English. Brand new Book. Whether you're a beginning student or a practicing professional, Horoscope Symbols takes you beyond your present conception of astrology into a whole new realm of understanding.

Robert Hand

Horoscope Symbols takes the beginner beyond cookbook interpretations to genuine insight, beyond superficial keywords to the fundamental principles that underlie astrology, beyond overemphasis on signs to the primacy of planets and angles. Although Hand assumes little prior knowledge of astrology, the more you know, the more you will get out of this book. Hand takes the expert beyond the fatalism of tradition to a deep understanding of the role of personal choice in the life of the individual, beyond fortune telling to the true source of human experience.

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