Astrology solar eclipse january 11 2020

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 2020

The next round of Eclipses we are all going to experience fall in Capricorn and Cancer.

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We had the first Eclipse of this new cycle on July 12, , however the energy of this cycle swings into full gear in and continues into The Eclipses for this Capricorn-Cancer cycle are as follows:. Pay attention to these dates to see what changes or guidance you receive.

Eclipses in 2020. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Calendar. Schedule 2020 and Astrologer Tips

You may also want to think back to what events were happening in your life the last time we had the Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. This occurred back in While everyone will be affected differently, here are some themes we can expect from this latest Capricorn-Cancer Eclipse cycle:. Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude. We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension, and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light.

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Lunar eclipse January is emotionally very challenging because the Like a regular full moon only stronger, the Sun opposite Moon of a lunar . pm; Delhi – January 11, pm; Sydney – January 11, am. Solar and Lunar Eclipses , Online Eclipse Calendar, Astrology. Online Eclipse Calendar, Free Astrology Charts and Horoscopes Jan 10, Saros cycle is a period of approximately 6, days (18 years 11 days 8.

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2020 Featured Eclipses

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January 2020 lunar eclipse

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A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in early January is swiftly followed by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 in your own sign, and this is where change begins. In July a potent Mars-Uranus square bring jealousy and risk taking to the fore in your love life, encouraging you to live dangerously but also warning you of the consequences if you do. Venus goes Retrograde in your secrets zone in May; this astrological energy can suggest a lot of emotionally based comfort spending, so if other areas of your life are stressful at this time, try not to let that lead you to blowing your budget. Your ruling planet Saturn will take a step into your money sector from March 21st — July 1st, a period that will require you to overhaul your finances. Chinese horoscope is going to bring with it plenty of pleasant surprises for Dragon. Come September, Mars turns Retrograde in your everyday work zone, however, and this could bring some confusion at work. Visual Artist.

Here are our list of Astrology Services:. Welcome What Are Angel Numbers? While everyone will be affected differently, here are some themes we can expect from this latest Capricorn-Cancer Eclipse cycle: A focus on balancing our practical earthy side Capricorn with our more intuitive, creative side Cancer.

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A need to create more of a work-life balance. We may find we are forced to either focus more attention on our home or work life.

One area may dominate before we can achieve balance. Old family dynamics or wounds may resurface. We may receive a strong push in our career, in fact there is a lot of strong goal-orientated energy that we can use to get things done. We may feel a desire to get more grounded and take more responsibility for the direction of our lives. We may be guided to learn how to balance our emotions in a more healthy way. The first section is the upcoming eclipse dates listed for easy reference with changeable time zones so that you have the complete information.

Below the upcoming eclipse dates is a table displaying an eight-year range of dates, times GMT , lunar and solar saros series, nodal family and zodiac signs for current, future and past eclipses. The image for the lunar eclipse is a copper colored full moon, similar to the appearance of the total lunar eclipse.

Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points

The solar eclipse image is the yellow Sun with the Moon moving between the Sun and the Earth. Scroll on down the page for all the information. The letters L Lunar and S Solar are included with the Saros numbers to help distinguish the series that the eclipse belongs with. The Nodal Family is directly linked with the Saros Series. The North and South represent the node that the eclipse series originates from.